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Step onto the path to recovery (BII News, spring 2021). The latest BII member survey reveals how important sharing ideas and best practice is to you and your business success. With the majority of our members keen to learn from each other and industry experts, this special report pulls together the insights and lessons from lockdown and the previous reopenings.

With the Government taking a softly-softly approach to reopening, the hospitality sector continues to face huge challenges over the coming weeks and months. Yet we’re proud to say that many of our members remain positive and determined to find ways to rebuild a better, stronger business for the future. 

Positivity is key in delivering the best possible business strategy: bringing motivated, well-trained staff back to work; and inspiring customers to want to come and spend their money with you. 

From weekend-only and limited opening hours, to continuing with
a strong takeaway and/or grocery proposition, most of you have been spending your days (and sleepless nights) formulating plans and going over the figures ready for a successful relaunch – whether that’s on April 12 for those with outside spaces, May 17
or even June 21.  

For BII, our focus remains on providing the support and expert guidance you need to make the right decisions for you and your business. And we will continue to get your voice heard at the highest level within Government, while calling for more and longer-term assistance. 

With all the uncertainties of the next few months, it’s good to concentrate on the things we do know. For instance, you have reopened successfully before; summer is approaching; and customers are eager to escape the house, eat and drink out and experience great hospitality. 

Also, pubs have successfully remained at the heart of most communities over this time.Those that have pivoted and launched new business streams over this past year, many tell BII News that they will continue to keep those incomes flowing.  

 All pubs have been forced to evolve and change – from table-service and new tech, to a smarter, sharper offer.

The legacy of this time is that the great British pub is destined never to be just ‘the pub’ again, as the enterprising endeavours and the amazing services the sector has provided – from feeding hungry children to checks on the vulnerable and lonely – will not be forgotten. Many non-traditional pub goers have found their local over this time and have been appreciative of its support. 

There is a strong desire to support the great British pub, but success is not a given. Only those who continue to fight for their share with the best and most amazing customer service, quality offer and ‘golden nugget’ to make them stand out will be
the ultimate winners.  

The full eight-page report was published in BII News, spring 2021 edition.

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